Jane’s Walk a success

Publicity for Jane’s Walk in the mainstream media seemed somewhat reduced this year, but a dozen people, including our MPP Faisal Hassan, met at MDPL to learn about walking opportunities in Mount Dennis. The group Talked the Walk, learning about Jane Jacobs’ impact here when the expressways were cancelled, and also about the history of the Humber. Then we walked to Topham Pond, home to a number of cormorants, but fewer geese and ducks than usual.

Also announced, in three weeks, Doors Open at the Crosstown MSF. Expect them to be busy!


Jane’s Walk

On Saturday, starting at Mount Dennis library at 3PM.

The walk begins with a discussion of walking opportunities in Mount Dennis, using our ten previous walks as source material.

We will then discuss the Mount Dennis station and maintenance yard, with an announcement about their participation in Doors Open later in the month.

ANd then we will walk to Eglinton Flats SE, to visit Topham Pond, site of Party by the Pond in July


Thank you to all who helped with community clean-ups so far; next one is on April 20 in the ravines off Astoria and Lambton; join us.

Thank you especially to the young people who helped so far in our community clean-ups. And thank you to Supercoffee who continue to sponsor this event with discount coupons to participants and with helping us spread the word. And thank you for sharing this web page with residents who live near Lambton and Astoria to come out and help us as they do every year with the clean-up in the ravine overlooking Topham Pond near Lambton and Jane.

And thank you to the Mayor and the Councillor who chatted with us during environment day.


Upcoming Events


March 28  Metrolinx Open House at Rec Centre 6:30 – 8PM


Mar 30 MDCA/supercoffee SPRING CLEAN-UP Jane & Pinehill ravine edges. Meet 10 a.m., end of Bartonville nr. Jane.

Apr 3 Weston Historical Society  7:30 – 9:30

Memories of Weston and C. R. Marchant School

Apr 4   Black Creek Sanitary Trunk Sewer Consultation 

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Falstaff Community Centre

50 Falstaff Avenue (east side of Jane Street, south of Highway 401)

Apr 6 MDCA/supercoffee SPRING CLEAN-UP Somerville & Sunnybrae ravine. Meet 10 a.m. West end of Glenvalley Dr.

Apr 13MDCA/supercoffee SPRING CLEAN-UP Dora Spencer & Emmett Ave. Meet 10 a.m. Weston at Dora Spencer Rd.

Apr 13  COMMUNITY ENVIRONMENT DAY, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Sponsored by Councillor Nunziata and the City of Toronto. Eglinton Flats (N.W. quadrant), 101 Emmett Ave.

Apr 20 MDCA/supercoffee SPRING CLEAN-UP Lambton & Astoria ravine edges. Meet 10 a.m. Lambton at Astoria.


Apr 27MDCA/supercoffee SPRING CLEAN-UP Eglinton south side. Meet 10 a.m.at SE Flats Park, parking lot entrance.

If you want to tidy your block, or earn student volunteer hours, or organize a group activity, come to a cleanup and get involved.  We always have bags and gloves, water, and supercoffee coupons


Call for volunteers and update on Ice Rink condition

The weather on Sunday Feb 3, onwards did some damage to the Pearen Park Ice Rink. This Friday the 8th we will be able to repair the rink and rebuild the ice when temperatures are expected to drop to -6°C in the evening.

We think the rink will be in good condition to slate on Saturday morning, but cannot be 100% sure yet.

Right now we need volunteers; please call Simon at (416) 614-3371 if you are available to help; below are the time availabilities that Simon is looking for:

Friday the 8th in the afternoon to clear a thin layer of snow

Friday evening at 7:30 PM to set-up the hoses and start flooding; the set-up only takes 30 minutes.

Friday night at 10PM to dismantle the hoses and put everything away, this should take 45 minutes.

We are also looking for confident skaters who would like to volunteer to teach children how to skate.

Thank you all! Please share.


Sat Feb 2nd; First day of skating in 2019

The Pearen Park Skating Rink will be open for skating on Saturday Feb 2nd and for as long as the weather allows. You can come and skate using your own skate at any time during daylight hours. You can borrow skates for free ($1 suggested donation) from the MDCA’s Skating Hut on weekends between 1pm-5pm; on weekdays between 4pm-6pm.

Hope you can join us for this year’s skating season 🙂 If you haven’t skated in the past, you can learn in Pearen Park.

If you to help us and volunteer call 416-614-3371. We need volunteers during evenings to build and maintain the ice; as well as volunteers during Skating Hut hours to teach children (and adults) how to skate 🙂 Thank you; the Pearen Park Outdoor Rink is a true community effort and is successful thanks to the generous volunteering from local community members.